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Grant Jeffrey has created what many top prophecy experts such as Hal Lindsey have acknowledged as the “most comprehensive Prophecy Study Bible ever created.”

Why is the Jeffrey Prophecy Study Bible Unique?

Many leading Prophecy teachers have enthusiastically endorsed the Jeffrey Prophecy Study Bible including Hal Lindsey, Ed Hindson, and Chuck Missler.

“The Jeffrey Prophecy Study Bible is a phenomenal publishing effort by one of America’s premier prophecy experts.  Comprehensive, understandable and powerful. A great work!”

Dr. Ed Hindsen, Editor      Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible

“The Jeffrey Prophecy Study Bible is the most comprehensive, contemporary, and in-depth study of the most relevant prophecies in the Bible – A must addition to every serious student of the Word of God.”

Dr. Chuck Missler – Koinonia House Ministries

            This Bible will help you discover what the Bible reveals about the future. This Study Bible guides its readers into a deeper understanding of world events in light of prophecy. Every major doctrine in the Bible is identified with a unique color code together with a letter code that immediately identifies the specific doctrine (i.e. T = Translation or Rapture) dealt with in that passage. The color – letter code then chain-references the reader to discover every passage dealing with that topic sequentially from Genesis to Revelation.

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Verses about PROPHECY are highlighted in BLUE

Verses about SALVATION are highlighted in RED

Verses about the HOLY SPIRIT are highlighted in DARK GREEN

Verses about BLESSINGS are highlighted in LIGHT GREEN

Grant spent two and a half years creating this unique tool to assist students of the Bible (especially Prophecy) to dig deeper into the truths of the Word of God. He created over 1200 Textual Notes explaining every major Prophecy, three dozen articles on every major Prophecy Topic, numerous Maps dealing with Israel, Gog and Magog, and the Battle of Armageddon. In addition, you will find Time Line Diagrams revealing the Dispensations, Covenants, and the Sequence of Prophetic Events Leading to Christ’s Millennial Kingdom. There are Articles and Diagrams dealing with challenging topics such as the Timing of the Rapture and the different Theories of the Millennium.

A Unique Color and Letter Coded Chain Reference System

In addition to the color coding of major biblical passages every highlighted passage was also identified with a Letter Code that immediately identified the particular doctrine taught by that passage (such as M = Millennium). Most importantly, at the bottom of each page of the Bible the Letter Code revealed the next closest sequential reference to that doctrine in previous passages as well as following passages. This unique Color and Letter Coded Chain Reference System will allow a Bible student to follow sequentially this unique Color-Letter Codes to reveal every passage from Genesis to Revelation that deals with this particular doctrine.


There are three dozen, two to three page articles, explaining every major prophetic subject and relating every topic (such as: Antichrist, Tribulation, Rapture, etc.) to all other relevant biblical passages.


There are numerous diagrams that include Time Line Diagrams revealing the sequence of Prophetic Events Leading to Christ’s Kingdom, the Dispensations, and the Covenants. Illustrations reveal the dimensions and appearance of the Fourth or Millennial Temple described in Ezekiel Ch. 40 – 46.

Full Color Maps

The Jeffrey Prophecy Study Bible contains many excellent full color maps that assist you to understand the biblical history of Israel, the four World Empires prophesied by Daniel, as well as the modern map of the Middle East.

Prophetic Index To Subjects

A unique Prophetic Index To Subjects will allow you to immediately identify major prophecy subjects such as the Antichrist, the Messiah, the Rapture, or the Tribulation. This feature instantly directs you to the key subject area of your prophetic interest.

The Jeffrey Prophecy Study Bible is the finest Bible of its kind dealing with Bible Prophecy.  It will strengthen and focus your faith by increasing your understanding of the meaning of biblical prophecies, where we are today in the fulfillment of prophecy, and what lies ahead for us in this “last days” generation.

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KJV Black Bonded Leather Bible

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Four Major Themes Color Coded

Prophecy     BLUE

Salvation – RED

Holy Spirit – DARK GREEN

Blessings – LIGHT GREEN

72 Doctrines Chain Referenced

Easy to Use Color and Letter Codes

1200 Textual Notes Explaining Key Prophecies

36 Prophecy Articles, Charts, 16 Color Maps

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