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A Book Review of Grant Jeffrey’s latest book CREATION: Remarkable Evidence of God’s Design

A Tectonic Paradigm Shift, November 18, 2003 - Book Review on
Reviewer: Elan Levitan from Toronto, Ontario Canada Dr.

Grant Jeffrey has written a book that contains wonders both microcosmic and macrocosmic. Whether or not one believes in the literal truth of scripture, Jeffrey has made a startling case for the mathematical/scientific impossibility of a purely random universe.

If Jeffrey is correct in his data (and it must be pointed out that each chapter has scrupulous and comprehensive endnotes), it seems as if there has been a silent yet momentous paradigm shift amongst scientists over the past generation. A significant percentage of classically trained scientists now ascribe to either a personal creator or accept the empirical evidence that the universe was purposefully designed. Other scientists, those that cannot bring themselves to abandon their atheistic dogma, readily admit that the universe and life are so finely calibrated, mere chance and random mutation alone are scandalously inadequate theories.

Grant Jeffrey is brilliant when it comes to describing complex things in an accessible and yes, entertaining, way. His likening of a single cell to the infrastructure of a modern city is a vivid and almost cinematic way to help the reader visualize things that are too small to see.

Likewise, he is adept at refuting routinely accepted scientific models, such as the old canard that "enough monkeys sitting at enough typewriters will eventually write the complete works of Shakespeare." Evolutionists invoke this simian silliness in an attempt to explain that bio-cosmic complexity is merely a function of chance and time. But as Jeffrey points out with sound statistical evidence, a near infinite number of monkeys typing for many millions of years would not produce so much as a single Shakespearean sonnet.

There are dozens of other rich, invigorating and challenging examples peppered throughout this superb book. The section on human evolution alone is worth the jacket price.

I have spoken to Christians who say that "Creation: Evidence of God's Design" has not only reaffirmed their faith, but also helped rid them of a lifetime of doubts inculcated by the secular educational system.

Whether you read "Creation" in this spiritual context, or simply as an eye-opening journey through a universe that must certainly be more than the reductionism and materialism of the "dumb matter" model we have all been taught, Grant Jeffrey is a masterful guide and teacher.